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That Beet Salad Tho

by Corey Buckner in Blogs & Videos
November 27, 2017

0 REPRESENTSSo I got a very pleasant surprise this past Thanksgiving when I found out that my future Mother-In-Law made not only one vegan dish for me... but made TWO vegan dishes for me. To make it even more awesome, neither of those two dishes was salad! One of the dishes was a vegan gumbo, which was amazing! The other was this Beet salad which was surprisingly delicious as well.

There is an entire post in the coaching section at in which I am asked about how to eat Beets because; in reality... to quote Tamekia; Beets taste like dirt. I heard from so many people after posting that video who agree with Tamekia's sentiment in that Beets are disgusting and sound like the ground from which they come.

Good news though; apparently GRAPES are the perfect counterbalance to the taste of Beets as was evidenced by my Thanksgiving Beet salad. You can click the SHARED LINK to see the recipe my future Mother-In-Law used to prepare the Beet salad I had on Thanksgiving. She added sliced grapes to it, and it took the dish from delicious to magical!


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