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My French Fry Fast Is Finally Over!

by Corey Buckner in Blogs & Videos
October 31, 2017

0 REPRESENTSHappy Halloween to me!

Back in the first week of September Tamekia noticed that I was eating French fries much too often and told me that I couldn't have them again until Halloween. This picture is me at exactly midnight on Halloween. I'm not joking, this was me at the stroke of midnight because I LOVE fries!

The problem with fries for me is multifaceted. For starters, for people who don't eat meat; French fries are for fast food joints what salads are to sit down restaurants. Meaning, they are generally the only option for non meat eaters at most fast food restaurants. But, unlike salad; French fries are convenient to eat while in transit.... and served hot!

Additionally unlike salad, French fries are comparitively unhealthy. They are deep-fried in grease and potatoes have little to no nutritional value. Furthermore potatoes are a starch and as such take longer to metabolize than sugar. That is horrible for someone like me who is working hard to lose weight.

So, at the end of the day... French fries are a bad option for most. I am down to 214 pounds and positive that I would never have gotten this far had Tamekia not enacted a Fry embargo on my digestive system.

So, if you've joined the EAT MORE PLANTS REVOLUTION & you're being mindful of your weight, keep the French fries to a minimum. If you want to EAT thrm, try baking your fries instead of deep frying them, or try alternative fry options like sweet potato fries & avocado fries.

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