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Big Strong Veggie Sub Recipe

by Corey Buckner in Recipes
October 14, 2019

0 REPRESENTSThis veggie sub is extremely quick and easy to make. You can have it made and on your table in about fifteen minutes.


- Cucumber

- Roma tomato

- Broccoli Crown

- Red onion

- Baby carrots

- Organic lettuce

- Vegetable oil

- Oregano leaves

- Garlic salt

- Whole what sandwich roll


1. Slice 4 slices of cucumber into fours

2. Slice the tomato into 4ths

3. Slice the onion

4. Slice a few heads of the broccoli crowns

5. Slice the baby carrots into small slices

6. Add a layer of vegetable oil into a sauce pan and warm

7. Mix the veggies and add them into the sauce pan

8. Sprinkle garlic salt and oregano leaves on top of the veggie mix

9. Stir in pan until hot

10. Place lettuce into the roll

11. Add the cooked veggies into the roll

12. Serve and enjoy

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