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Plant-Based at Olive Garden

by Corey Buckner in Places to Eat
October 09, 2019

0 REPRESENTSI had not been to Olive Garden for ten years due to a bad experience with a hostess and waitress. I won't bring up old news because I'm fairly certain that anyone related to that incident is long gone from the company. So, last night after attending the Judge Mathis show with Meeks; she said that she wanted to eat at The Olive Garden. You know what i say, what my Baby wants my Baby gets; so Olive Garden it was.

Having mentioned the previous incident, it is important for me to say that following my experience last night Meeks and I will most certainly be returning to eat again soon and often. The waiter and the meal were both excellent and well worthy of many return visits.

Now on to the important matter at hand... what did I eat?

Olive Garden Zoodles

Upon review of their menu; I was extremely happy to see that they had Zoodles (Zucchini noodles). At first I only saw it with chicken, so I asked the waiter if there was a meat-free option. To my delight; there was. So, if you go to Olive Garden looking for plant-based Zoodles the way I had them you may have to ask for it as I never found them on the menu. Or, I was just being a typical man, didn't see it where I expected to see it, and then didn't look hard enough to find it. Either way, just tell the waiter or waitress that you want plant-based Zoodles and they will likely take care of you.

The recipe was outstanding and contained the zucchini noodles, shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms, and red bell peppers all covered by a pesto sauce. The sauce itself was good enough to drink! I expected it to be rather bland, but no... it was outstanding.

Olive Garden Zoodles The portion size was very generous, and I ended up taking half of my meal home to enjoy later. Olive Garden has always had great salad, so I had some of Meeks' and was not at all surprised that it was good. I also had a Vegetable Minestrone soup with my meal that was nice, rich and delicious. All in all it was a pleasantly enjoyable meal that I will be ordering again soon.

For those wondering what my beautiful wife ate; she had Seafood Alfredo with Shrimp and Scallops, and had equally positive words to say about her meal. Including the entrees, drinks and a 15% tip I spent just over $50 on our visit, which was in my opinion perfectly fair for the experience. The evening as a whole was a win with a great date in excellent company capped off by an amazing meal.

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