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Birthday Dinner: Cooper's Hawk Black Bean Burger

by Corey Buckner in Places to Eat
February 12, 2018

0 REPRESENTSThis weekend was Tamekia's birthday, so of course a nice dinner out on the town was part of the weekend plans. I made reservations for us at Cooper's Hawk, a winery, so I knew going in that plant-based options would be few. No worries though, this was her night and I felt Cooper's Hawk would provide the ambiance that she deserved.

Looking at the menu I had a few common options which included salad of course, or pasta minus the shrimp. I was happy to notice that they had a Black Bean burger; and even more excited that it was not made with egg. So I went with that. Since we were celebrating Tamekia's birthday she didn't protest when I opted for the French Fries instead of the Salad as a side. I just wasn't in a salad kind of mood last night.

The burger was delicious. I honestly have no complaints except that they didn't offer free refills on them, lol. It is a 600 calorie hit on the caloric intake, and the order of fries only increased that number. But; this is a once in a while decision so I'm not going to complain about it. All in all, it was a great meal on a great evening with great company. - CB

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