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EAT MORE PLANTS at Hamada of Japan

by Corey Buckner in Places to Eat
May 20, 2019

0 REPRESENTSOur oldest son had been asking to go to a Hibachi Grill for a few months; so to celebrate his graduation we took him Hamada of Japan. Let me say outright; as an experience; the Hibachi Grill was phenomenal. We had a great cook/waiter and everybody enjoyed their meals... including me.

With that said; my options as a plant-based eater were fairly limited. To be fair; they're entire menu isn't that extensive; so there is no surprise that they wouldn't have a lot of options for someone who doesn't eat meat or dairy. So... no harm no foul in my opinion.

As for the vegetable options the appetizers options were cucumber salad, edamame, vegetable spring rolls and veggie tempura. For an entree, the single option of the Vegetable Delight was available. This is comprised of soup, salad, appetizer noodles and steamed rice with broccoli or mixed vegetables. I passed; but next time I might try it.

I ended up going with the only other options which were found on the sides menu: a salad and avocado rolls. While the salad was just a standard small salad as they had no full-size salad offerings; the avocado rolls were absolutely delightful. As such, although I didn't have a lot of options to choose from; I wasn't left unsatisfied with what I did end up eating.

All in all; aside from the stereotypical handful of plant-based options, I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at Hamada of Japan. Looking around the table; those who did eat meat enjoyed their meals; and I enjoyed my choice, the atmosphere and everything about my time there. So, as long as you are okay with having just a few options; I'd suggest giving Hamada of Japan a visit if you are plant-based and looking for a place to eat with others who are not.

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