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Places that we have eaten together and enjoyed.
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A Great Place to Eat Plants With People Who Eat Meat

Places to Eat

Corey Buckner (@cbuckner)
on September 05, 2017

Whether you've given up meat, are trying to give up meat or simply add endeavoring to add more plants into your diet; one of the hardest social activities to navigate is eating out. I was completely raw vegan by the time Tamekia and my relationship progressed to dating and eating out, and althou...[continue]

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What!??? White Castles Vegan Sliders

Places to Eat

Corey Buckner (@cbuckner)
on March 05, 2017

So, I found out yesterday that White Castles' veggie sliders are now vegan. This was a shock to me because I didn't even know they had veggie sliders. So of course I ran right out and tried Them!

They were good as a fast food option. Nothing amazing, but a decent enough vegan ...[continue]

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