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Back To School Meal Prepping

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Corey Buckner (@cbuckner)
on August 24, 2017

Well, summer break is officially over. Tamekia is a teacher, and our youngest child prefers when I make him a plant-based lunch over the school lunches (I guess that says something about the quality of school lunches) so I'm back to prepping 3 lunches for the day. Most days, if time permits, I w...[continue]

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Corey Buckner (@cbuckner)
on August 21, 2017

I picked this fruit bowl up from the grocery store for $3.99 USD, which is less than the cost of a fast food value meal. This is two full meals for me. So, instead of rolling through the drive thru, consider running into the grocery store for some pre cut fruit.

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My Smoothie Obsession

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Corey Buckner (@cbuckner)
on February 07, 2017

If you follow me on any other website, or especially on Instagram (@coreybbuckner) you are already familiar with my smoothie obsession. Particularly when I am cutting, I routinely turn to smoothies as both a treat and a convenient method of nourishment while on the go. They are particularly helpful ...[continue]

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