EAT MORE PLANTS with Vegan/Non-Vegan couple Corey & Tamekia

Your Favorite Meal for Someone Else to Make For You

posted on February 16, 2018

If you have been following EAT MORE PLANTS for a while now, you KNOW just how much I love Meeks' greens. As such, you know just how excited I was when I found out that she was making me her greens for Valentine's Day! Joy! It has taken everything in me not to eat the giant cauldron she prepa...[continue]

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Birthday Dinner: Cooper's Hawk Black Bean Burger

posted on February 12, 2018

This weekend was Tamekia's birthday, so of course a nice dinner out on the town was part of the weekend plans. I made reservations for us at Cooper's Hawk, a winery, so I knew going in that plant-based options would be few. No worries though, this was her night and I felt Cooper's Hawk w...[continue]

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Tamekia's First Cabbage Steak Recipe

posted on February 01, 2018

I have gotten a ton of requests for this recipe ever since I posted videos and photos of Tamekia's first attempt at Cabbage Steak. Let me say outright that it was every bit as delicious as I have expressed in other places. They were so good that I gobbled up about 4 of them myself and I think I ...[continue]

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The Benefits of Eating Jackfruit

posted on January 31, 2018

Yay or Nay: Do You Eat Jackfruit? Jackfruit boasts many benefits as it relates to both overall health and physical appearance. These benefits include: - promoting the growth of healthy hair - improving the appearance of skin - boosting immune systems - they are high in protei...[continue]

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Try This: Quick Salad Option

posted on January 28, 2018

Here is another quick meal that you can throw together in a few minutes. It's a great lunch or afternoon snack, and extremely easy to make. INGREDIENTS: - Romaine lettuce - Blueberries - Strawberries - Cucumber - Kale - Cherries - Tomato INSTRUCTIO...[continue]

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